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January & February Indoor Gym Sign Ups

March Indoor Gym Sign Ups

-Please be considerate and sign up for only one time slot per week (until we email that you can have more)
-Please have your team clean up after themselves (i.e. water bottles etc.)
-Please do not move the gym equipment (I know the space can be tight but, that is requested of us by the town)
-When wet outside with either rain or snow please have your players wear slides to the gym and change into their shoes so the floor stays dry and minimizes injury 
Special Instructions after you click on the link:
1. Create your account on
2. Pick your time slots by clicking the '"sign up" boxes (remember on per week please)
3. PLEASE PUT YOUR TEAM NAME IN THE COMMENT SECTION - For example for each slot you choose, type BU10 Blue in the comment box.  Thank You!  
If you have any questions, contact Lynne Thompson at .