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Coach Licensing Requirements 

Hartwell is committed to coach development and encourages all Head Travel Coaches to pursue the appropriate licensing as part of their coaching education. Hartwell encourages all Head Coaches to progress through US Soccer's Grassroots Coaching levels (Intro - 11v11) (SEE GRAPHIC BELOW). Hartwell encourages all assistant coaches and Rec coaches to pursue similar licensing, particularly if they are interested in moving to a head coach position in the Travel Division. Hartwell seriously considers the licensing of applicants when selecting Head Coaches each year for the travel teams.

Find more information about the US Soccer courses and their upcoming schedule here:

Hartwell's reimbursement policy is under review and will be revised to coincide with the new Grassroots model. Proof of course payment (copy of credit card receipt/statement or canceled check), a copy of the state or national certificate, and the completed expense reimbursement form will likely remain requirements for reimbursement.

Click here for the reimbursement form. Mail the completed and signed form, and supporting documentation, to Glastonbury Hartwell Soccer Club, PO Box 1154, Glastonbury, CT 06033. The form will be reviewed and approved by a board member, and reimbursement will be sent to the address on the form. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks after the form and supporting documentation has been mailed to GHSC for reimbursement.


For more information on upcoming Coaching Courses in our area, please visit: CJSA's Course Calendar