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The Mission of the Glastonbury Hartwell Soccer Club is to provide recreational, instructional and competitive soccer opportunities for all Glastonbury youth. We strive to foster good sportsmanship, skill development, community commitment and a love of the game. The Club needs the cooperation and commitment of everyone involved with the Club in support of our mission.

The GHSC Board of Directors has established Codes of Conduct for all Coaches, Players and Parents/Guardians, which must be reviewed and accepted prior to participation in any GHSC related activities. These rules will help ensure all members of the Club contribute to providing the best possible environment for our players.

The coach's role is one of teaching soccer skills and sportsmanship to the players. All coaches within the Hartwell program will promote good sportsmanship among players, foster team spirit, and help participants have fun while teaching the techniques and tactics of constructive soccer.

Each coach will ensure that his/her conduct sets a good example for team members and spectators. To meet these responsibilities, I agree to the following:
1. I will know the official Laws of the Game of soccer and abide by them. I willinstruct players and parents in the rules and motivate each player to competeaccording to the rules at all times.
2. I will remember that the purpose of game is for children to participate and havefun.
3. I will abide by the rules of the Glastonbury Hartwell Soccer Club and thepolicies of the CJSA.
4. I will ensure that my assistant coach(es) conduct themselves in accordancewith this Code, the policies of the league and the Glastonbury Hartwell SoccerClub Rules at all games, practices and other team events.
5. I will demonstrate respect for the game officials at all times and refrain fromquestioning their decisions or challenging their authority (private conversationswith the official pre-game, at halftime, or post-game are appropriate).
6. I will be a positive role model for my team and encourage sportsmanship bydemonstrating respect, courtesy, and positive support for all players, coaches,officials and spectators at every game, practice or other event.
7. I will maintain control of my emotions and avoid actions, language, and/orgestures that may be interpreted as hostile and/or humiliating.
8. I will require that my team treat all players, coaches, officials and spectatorswith respect.
9. I will teach each player, especially through personal example, to be humble andgenerous in victory and courteous in defeat.
10. I will praise my team for doing their best and will emphasize skill developmentand practices over winning games.
11. I will ensure that fans of my team exhibit sportsmanship and maturity at alltimes and assist game officials in maintaining control of spectators duringgames.
12. I will take appropriate steps to minimize scoring in runaway games inaccordance with CJSA requirements.
13. I will demand a sports environment that is free from drugs and alcohol and I willrefrain from their use at all GHSC events.
14. I understand that I have an on-going responsibility while serving as a coach,assistant coach or volunteer to disclose to GHSC any conviction of a crime of violence or a crime against a person, or a felony involving the welfare of a child.

I agree to the above code of conduct, certify that I have read all Glastonbury Hartwell Soccer Club Rules and will abide by them, and acknowledge that coaching in our program, although voluntary, is a privilege and not a right.

I agree that if I fail to abide by the aforementioned rules and guidelines, disciplinary action could include, but is not limited to, the following:
- Verbal warning by GHSC official
- Written warning
- Game suspension with written documentation of incident kept on file byorganizations involved
- Game forfeit
- Season suspension
- Removal of coach from all club activities for up to an entire season.