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Why Hartwell Travel?

The end of the spring season often brings the additional stress of soccer try-outs. Parents and players may hear others mumbling about Hartwell and which "premier" club they are thinking of trying out for, etc. This is typical at this time of year. We understand that players and their families want to explore all options.

Here are a few things to consider as you weigh your options:

  • Hartwell has been playing within the CJSA Premier Leagues for several years. We select teams to play in Premier soccer if we have a talented team looking for additional competition. Premier Soccer with Hartwell costs $100 more due to a winter program (12-14 weeks) with training from a professional coach or DOC.
  • All of the Travel & Premier Teams at Hartwell are led by nationally licensed coaches who receive training all year long from our club's director of coaching and professional training staff.
  • Each of those coaches is also a Glastonbury parent who truly cares about the individual development of every player: not only as a skilled soccer player but as a good teammate, student and citizen.
  • Our teams receive professional training weekly and our coaches receive practice plans, feedback and match reports from those professional resources to help us improve as coaches and develop our teams further. Furthermore seasonal plans are provided to maximize the potential of each player focusing on long term development over short term success.
  • Our coaches' jobs are not dependent on our record of wins/losses - we care about maximizing each player's ability and character.
  • Competition as a town team in the upper divisions of CJSA (Green and Blue) can be as strong as (and in some cases stronger than) the competition at the lower levels of "premier" soccer.
  • Playing for your town in competition against other towns instills local pride and simulates the high school sports experience.
  • Hartwell offers FREE, supplemental training (Friday night clinics) led by professionals with opportunities to further develop technical and tactical proficiency in everything from goalkeeping to striker play (and everything in between).
  • Our coaches have direct insight into what the GHS soccer teams require in terms of skills and tactical knowledge and are committed to working with our players with the goal of being prepared and competitive for spots on those teams when they enter high school.
  • Offering similar (and in some cases superior) development opportunities at a fraction of the cost of "premier" programs, Hartwell soccer is an incredible value. Expect to pay over $2100 at other local premier clubs which is easily 3x the amount that Hartwell Premier costs.
  • Hartwell practices and most games are local and convenient and loaded with carpooling opportunities on wonderful fields.

Hartwell wants the opportunity to continue contributing to the process of shaping our players and we welcome all current and past players to be a part of our club. That said, we know there are other options. Before deciding that a "premier" club is the best option, we'd like to welcome and encourage you to consider the items above and to reach out to:

Travel Director Joe Wallace
Program Director Matt Pecheone
Assistant Program Director Scott Halpern


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