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If you or your child is injured during a Hartwell sanctioned event it is possible you are eligible for CJSA's insurance coverage for your injury.  For specific eligibility and instruction information refer to the CJSA Insurance webpage.  Here are some highlights of the coverage:

  • Individuals must be registered with Hartwell and ultimately CJSA to be covered. (players, coaches, assistant coaches, managers & volunteers)
  • The medical insurance is excess coverage - it kicks in after the individual's primary coverage has paid - so claims must be submitted to the individual's primary coverage before the CJSA policy can step in.
  • New for 2016 is a change in the insurance coverage that affects everyone who is injured.  To get the maximum payment under the CJSA policy the individual must use a network provider under their primary coverage.  Failure to follow the rules of the primary coverage - including going to an out-of-network provider - will result in a benefit reduction of eligible expenses up to 50% of the amount otherwise payable under the CJSA policy.
  • Claim forms are available through the CJSA website or calling CJSA. Detailed Accident Medical Expense claim instructions can be found on the claim form. The Notice of Claims form must be sent to the CJSA office within 90 days from the date of injury or as soon thereafter as is reasonably possible.   
  • While many insurance plans have increased the applicable deductibles, CJSA has maintained the $250.00 deductible for 2015-2016.